Fox and wild dog bounty wraps up for year


More than 1000 Victorians have been thanked for their support in managing foxes and wild dogs in Victoria during 2021.

In 2021 alone, 65,915 fox scalps and 309 wild dog body parts were received from 1136 participants.

Agriculture Victoria Biosecurity manager Jason Wishart is grateful for all residents who have participated in the 2021 Victorian Fox and Wild Dog Bounty.

“The bounty is a Victorian Government incentive program designed to encourage community participation in fox and wild dog management, and that’s exactly what we’ve seen this year.

“These numbers were achieved with reduced mobility and temporary suspensions of collections due to Covid-19 restrictions. So, although this is lower than other years, it is still a tremendous effort.

“It is important to manage wild dogs and foxes because they prey on livestock and native wildlife and can carry diseases.”

Since the bounty program started in 2011, more than 940,000 fox scalps and 4200 wild dog body parts have been collected.

Victorian Fox and Wild Dog Bounty collections are closed for the summer period and will recommence in March 2022.

“Participants submit entire fox scalps for a $10 reward and entire wild dog body parts for a $120 reward during scheduled collection times.

“Hunters and landowners can still collect then freeze or airdry fox scalps and wild dog body parts that can be submitted when the 2022 program recommences.

“I urge hunters to familiarise themselves with terms and conditions of the Victorian Fox and Wild Dog Bounty to ensure the pieces they submit are acceptable.”

Foxes and wild dogs require ongoing management from all private and public land managers and effective management requires an integrated approach using a range of techniques including baiting, trapping, exclusion fencing and shooting.

“Hunting is important for managing foxes and wild dogs, but effective management requires the use of a range of control techniques.”

A new digitised bounty application process will be launched in March 2022, which will improve administrative efficiency of the Victorian Fox and Wild Dog Bounty and streamline payment.

For further information on the Victorian Fox and Wild Dog Bounty visit