Healesville gets Seniors upset win over Gembrook-Cockatoo

Colin Bastow and William Kristelly-Kelety contest for the ball. Photos: STEWART CHAMBERS


Gembrook Cockatoo 9.10, 64 defeated Healesville 7.8, 50.

Healesville Goalkickers:

Troy Poynton 4, Josh McLeod 2 and Peter Jones 1.

Best Players:

Troy Poynton, Brandan Harvy, Corey McInnes, Peter Jones, Kobe Brown and Jake Rosser.


Gembrook Cockatoo 10.10, 70 defeated by Healesville 16.9, 99.

Healesville Goalkickers:

Max Donegan 6, Sam Gebert 3, Cameron Nyko 2, Lochie Oliver, Dylan Sissins, Yson Sund and an unnamed player 1

Best Players:

Max Donegan, Shaun Donkin, Zachary Fawdry, Cody Anderson, Lochie Oliver and Daniel Plozza.


Gembrook Cockatoo Goals 4.9, 33 defeated by Healesville 9.9, 63.

Healesville Goalkickers:

Hayden Lamaro 5, Andrew Peters 2, Casey Adams and Brad Bell 1.

Best Players:

Nick Whitmore, Casey Adams, Hayden Lamaro, Josh Hore, Ryan de Munk, Zach Coleman