Welcome to three wheeled motorcycle world

189 riders attended the event, photo taken at Gallipoli Park. PICTURES: SUPPLIED

Dongyun Kwon

Over 180 spyder and ryker riders with 130 bikes touched down in Healesville from 8 September to 11 September.

The Spyder & Ryker Muster community has an annual event for riders to meet up in a different state each year.

It was Victoria’s turn this time and it ended up being hosted in Healesville, drawing people from all over the country.

“We had a contingent come from Western Australia,” community committee member Joanne Bell said.

“They took four to five days to come over. They rode over.

“We had some from Tasmania, Townsville, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales.

“We had a big group from Victoria as well.”

The main ride was on Saturday 9 September from Healesville through Warburton, Marysville and back to Healesville for a gala dinner.

The ride culminated with snowy roads especially when the riders went through the lane between Warburton and Marysville.

Ms Bell said it was a great experience for interstate riders who may have never seen snow.

“We actually got to ride through snow and it was absolutely beautiful,” she said.

“It was fabulous for our interstate riders who don’t see snow, especially those who come from Western Australia.”

One of the attractive points of a three wheeled motorcycle is safety.

Ms Bell pointed out the sense of safety on a three wheeled bike as well as the feeling of fun which made her get into it.

Another committee member Amanda Baker said she got into spyder world after she had a bad accident while she was riding a two wheeled motorcycle 11 years ago.

The event attendees were delighted to meet new friends who have the same hobby.

“I did have a lot of fun on the trip,” Ms Baker said.

“Meeting new people and socialising with them was a highlight as well.”

The attendees complimented Healesville for a beautiful ride.

“Healesville is a wonderful place to ride a motorcycle,” Ms Bell said.

“You have lots of good curves in the ride, pretty scenery with magnificent hills.”