All hands on deck to put a fire out

A two storey timber house in Healesville burst into flames on Tuesday 10 October. Picture: SUPPLIED

By Dongyun Kwon

It was all hands on deck as a number of CFA brigades worked together to save a house in Healesville.

“It was a good job for everyone that attended, crews from multiple brigades worked really well together, it was a big setup and big backup,” Healesville CFA Captain Brian Earl said.

Six CFA brigades, Healesville, Badger Creek, Coldstream, Yarra Glen, Dixon’s Creek and Lilydale came to the site right after they got called out at 3pm on Tuesday 10 October.

“They are all volunteers, they leave their jobs and come straight to the call and do their best effort,” CFA District 13 Commander Andrew Booth said.

The fire was under control around 4.30pm but the CFA crews were on site until 8.30pm.

“We would have been there about five past three after we got a call out around three o’clock and took about an hour and a half to contain the fire then continued putting out hotspots and monitoring it until 8.30 then we cleaned up all the hoses and packed up,” Mr Earl said.

Firefighters pumped up the water far from the property and linked the white hoses through the fire trucks to contain the fire.

“We place a truck roughly every four or five lengths of hose to boost the water that goes through this truck to the next truck to the next truck,” Mr Booth explained.

Locals are recommended to check and prepare their properties carefully during the bushfire season.