Alex Podolinsky’s life celebrated

By Jed Lanyon

Powelltown resident Alexei (Alex) Sergei de Podolinsky passed away on 30 June aged 93.

Born on 13 July 1925, Alex was a pioneer in biodynamic agriculture and the founded Biodynamic Marketing Company in 1981.

Family and friends came together to celebrate the life of Alex on the Podolinsky farm in Powelltown on Tuesday 9 July.

Alex was born in south west Germany and was forced to enlist in the German army in WWII, where he was used as a spy due to his ability to speak French.

As a Ukrainian family, Alex and his twin sister Alika weren’t safe in Germany and fled the country as refugees.

Alex came to Australia on a migrant ship in 1949, while Alika travelled to Canada.

Alex introduction to biodynamics was made through the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner in 1924.

In the1950s Alex began the task of developing the biodynamic method, now known as the Australian professional biodynamic farming method as a fully effective, natural agricultural system for the modern age.

Many biodynamic businesses offered their condolences through social media and to share how influential Alex had been to their own practices.

Burrum Biodynamics shared the following message: “We are forever grateful to Alex Podolinsky who encouraged us to change farming practices at Burrum Biodynamics in the 1990’s. Alex encouraged us to be biologically mindful, creative, observant and care for our precious soil microbes. Vale Alex.”

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