Healesville say thank you to a great clubman

Retiring member John Clark was farewelled by Healeville Bowling Club president John Fitzpatrick. Picture: SUPPLIED

By Ian Milgate

Healesville Bowling Club had a dinner at one of the Locals this week for a member, John Clark (Clarkie) who is moving down to Raymond Island at Paynesville.

Over 40 members attended the celebration to say farewell and thank John for all the hard work that he has put into the club over the past 5 years since he has been at the club.

Not only was he one of the best bowlers on the green, but off the green he was an inspiration in getting things done.

John managed the bar, organised Functions, Maintenance manager, on the selection team, etc, and whatever John did it was 100% and did not expect anything less.

John will be missed and will be a hard member to replace.

Good luck John for the future and enjoy your fishing, caravanning and bowling.

Tuesday’s Team 1 played at home against Monbulk who are currently sitting on top of the ladder.

A win would catapult Healeseville up into third place so it was up to them with a home ground advantage to come out and show Monbulk what they could do.

It was very close when they went in for the break with only 1 point splitting them, but when they came out after the break, they were fired up and determined to win on our green. Steve Bulled’s team started to put their bowls on the jack which made Monbulk panic and they could not make any head way.

Without two of our top skips playing, Robert Broadhurst stepped up as skip and with his team had an excellent win on their rink.

The team went on to beat Monbulk by 11 shots 60 – 49.

Rob Broadhurst, Chris Hawting, Hilda Gurney, Gerda Otto 22 – 12

Steve Bulled, Bob Brown, John Fitzpatrick, Ian Milgate 20 – 15

Effie Laban, Gerry Gommers, Judy Veermann, Rob Ayres 18 – 22

Tuesday’s Team 2 played away at Croydon who were currently sitting second on the ladder with Healesville 8 points behind in third place on the ladder. Although Croydon put the team on the grass, it didn’t seem to faze the players who came away with a win to put us into second spot on the ladder.

Mike Adams rink had an exceptional win with Mike’s second, Karl Tok being all over the jack all day.

Len Cosson’s rink also had an exceptional day with all players contributing.

They beat Croydon by 16 shots, 70 – 54 which puts Healesville in second spot on the ladder behind Chirnside Park.

Mike Adams, Leonie Fitzpatrick, Karl Tok, Mark Cookney 35 – 12

Len Cosson, Anne Holland, Russell Smith, Glenda Graham 24 – 14

Barry Parker, Colin Jarvis, Jodie Ward, Jill Cookney 11 – 28

Corporate Bowls had another great night for bowling with 21 teams fighting it out for the Charles Hort Memorial Trophy.

The skills get better every week as players get the hang of taking enough grass and getting their lengths right.

A few bowls finish on the jack especially on rink 1 with the boys from Construction Works and Total Shutters regularly having several bowls around the jack with quite a few drives to boot.

This bought them from no where to now sitting third on the ladder.

1st. Codeart 76

2nd. the Laneway 71

3rd. Total Shutters 68

Dropping to equal fourth are Pro vit cult and Watts River but don’t count them out, and with only 2 weeks to go it can be any body’s Trophy.

Saturday’s Team 1 played away at Croydon who were sitting fifth on the ladder and Healesville third.

The team needed to hold our position so it was an important game to win.

With a heavy grass green from the rain overnight and the blustery conditions, it was going to be a big ask.

At the half time break they were down by 20 shots but believed that they could win if we kept drawing bowls in the head. In the end we came away with the

win beating Croydon by 11 shots and putting us on top of the ladder.

Steve Graham, Rob Broadhurst, Ian Milgate, Robert Ayres 21 – 20

Steve Bulled, John Clark, Colin Jarvis, John Howard 21 – 17

Adrian Beales, Effie Laban, Barry Parker, Gerda Otto 17 – 21

Mark Ward, Robert Brown, Judy Veermann, Chris hawting 27 – 17

Saturday’s Team 2 were at home to Mooroolbark who are fifth on the ladder with Healesville holding third position.

This was a must win game to keep ahead of the pack as the team gets closer to the half way mark of the season.

Once again with the depletion of players, one rink had to play with only 3.

This did not affect the other players as they steam rolled Mooroolbark by 35 shots 75 – 40.

Everyone played a great game but John Fitzpatrick has a new award for the Most Valuable Player and that went to Glenda Graham who played a ripper game.

Len Cosson, Russell Smith, Leonie Fitzpatrick, Jill Cookney 26 – 12

Mike Adams, Anne Holland, Mark Cookney, Tino Macari 26 – 12

John Fitzpatrick, Glenda Graham, Karl Tok 23 – 16